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Who are we & how we work?

About Being Peaceful

Being Peaceful is a new collaborative initiative founded in 2024 by Jacqueline Marie and Jagjot Singh. We are based in New Delhi, India. It is the grace of the Source that blessed us with this spiritual friendship and immense respect for each other, which led to the creation of this beautiful initiative.

As our thinking was aligned, and we had the same core values and spiritual leanings towards non-duality and yoga philosophy that brought us together, we decided to share our experiences and insights with others with the objective of creating a space for allowing peace in daily living.

About Jagjot

Having spent over a decade in the corporate industry and living a mundane life, there was seeking for truth. Eventually, this led me on a path of spiritual seeking where I explored teachings of Shri Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi, Ramesh Balsekar, and other Advaita teachers. Eventually, I felt a deep peace in being completely and spontaneously myself.

My life was simplified, and my relationships became harmonious. There was no demand from life, and things are unconditionally accepted the way they are. Since 2019, I have been spreading the message of peace through videos, articles, and books.

About Jacqueline

After turning to yoga as a spiritual practice while navigating a challenging adolescence, I found myself attempting worldly successes as an adult by taking on the prescribed roles offered to me by family and society, which felt against my natural grain. Gratefully, after a period of time in which spiritual searching happened through poetry, solitude, and travel, there was a turning within that happened, followed by an eventual re-entering into the world, fully oriented to what I could call our innermost awareness, and I have focused on practicing and teaching yoga ever since.

In 2024, while traveling along the border of Texas and Mexico, Jagjot’s Advaita talks were discovered spontaneously. Three days later, I reached out to share with him about life, which bloomed naturally and flowed gracefully into the beautiful collaboration you see here, which we like to call Being Peaceful.

How We Work

Being Peaceful is a new and self-directed collaborative project based on shared spiritual values: peace, oneness, non-doership, creativity, spaciousness, clarity, flow, and truth. We created this website as a simple means to arrange talks, distribute video recordings, and share writings freely worldwide with anyone who is interested in exploring to whatever depth they wish.

Jagjot being peaceful

Jagjot Singh


Jackie being peaceful

Jacqueline Marie