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What’s This All About?

Peace does not require special practices, techniques, or methods but a direct recognition of one’s own true nature or Being that is readily ever-present here and now. We are the pure consciousness, oneness, unicity, or the infinite being that always remains peaceful irrespective of external situations. Being is the impersonal awareness that is the substratum of all experiences.

It is a simple recognition that we are already the happiness we seek in the external world. This understanding does not require adherence to any specific religion, rigid belief system, or dogmatic practices. All that is required is a gentle inward inquiry into one’s real nature.

Nothing needs to be done to be peaceful other than simply allowing the mind to rest in its own pure essence.

If you try to change it, you will ruin it. Try to hold it, and you will lose it.

– Lao Tzu

Finding Peace in Life’s Flow

Observe peace while weaving into Life’s flow, not remaining cut-off from the world

Sahaj yoga marga

Sahaj Yoga Marga

Effortless approach to Yoga for cultivating tenderness of the Heart

Being Here & Now

Being is beyond time, space & causation. here has no location and now has no time.

Simple Living

Fully engaging with spontaneity simplifying relationships and day-to-day living

Tenderness of the Heart

Moving beyond the intellectual and letting the mind melt into the Heart

Embracing Reality – Things as They Are

Being unguarded and witnessing the flow of things in their natural order as they arise

“First set yourself right, and only then set out to improve others. Change the hearts of men and the world will surely change. But one must begin somewhere, and one can only begin with oneself.”
― Ramana Maharshi

Jacqueline Marie

Sahaj Yoga (the Natural Way)

Sahaj yoga can be called a way of allowing ourselves to be ourselves, just as we are. How? There is no fooling ourselves, no competing against others, no performing for an audience, no attention-grabbing entertainment to distract ourselves, and no complex intellectual concepts. What is there, then? There is just the present moment, your body, and being still. That’s it.

While sahaj yoga’s practice may appear to be simply stretching and holding, it is more beyond the physical postures into something else. It can uncover powerful self-awareness over time. When we are being still in sahaj yoga, we focus our conscious awareness inside ourselves without any ideas of success, goal, or agenda in mind. We are just being ourselves, and that is all. In sahaj yoga, it is enough.

If this sounds purely passive, that’s because it is. It is the absence of all pressure to become something, achieve anything, or acquire stuff. When we practice sahaj yoga, it happens that our senses are shifted inward, and we can relax. This creates spaciousness for our inner light to turn on. From there, unfolding happens as we notice there is radically accepting ourselves.

Peace is The End of Separation

We may claim aspirations for material wealth, success, fame, adulation, financial security, and other things, externally, but inwardly our core longing is for peace of mind in daily living. I am not a teacher, healer, or spiritual guru. I have nothing to teach you but only share the message of peace that I have experienced myself.

The message is simple, “Consciousness is all there is, and there is nothing apart from Consciousness that you are.” This message directs our attention inwardly. It is an inward journey and has nothing to do with what happens externally. The only way to experience peace and harmony is to realize our pure essence which is the unaffected infinite Consciousness.

It may seem paradoxical on the surface that one’s belief in individuality (separate existence) is the greatest hindrance to the path of peace, but it is the contrary, when one loses the sense of separate existence, one experiences great harmony. And nothing needs to be done in order to attain that other than simply “seeing” our conditioning for what it is. This impersonal seeing roots one’s back into the present moment, in the here and now.

Jagjot Singh

Gateway of Peaceful Living

Seekers continue to practice all kinds of self-torture without realizing that such “spiritual practice” is a reinforcement of the very ego that prevents them from their natural, free state. – Ramesh S. Balsekar

What is yoga?

what is yoga

Yoga Is Peace Beyond Measure

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Jacqueline Marie

“I began practicing what could be called a gentler way of asana yoga that simply uses the body and gravity, instead of force or intense contraction. Beginning in 1995, I learned how to practice Hatha and sahaj yoga with my teacher for two years. I have continued practicing both independently, and more recently with others, ever since. Over time, I have found that sahaj yoga can offer a space to be fully accepted for who we are, intrinsically beautiful and complete as we are, here and now.

My work in tandem with sahaj yoga is to support people on their journey to their inner light. I use my broad life experiences for pointing to the different ways we can apply our innate common sense to discover inner fulfillment, navigate life changes, and allow real connection. This practical, wholly relational approach to down-to-earth spirituality weaves together our day-to-day moments with as much peace and wise acceptance as possible. A poet at heart, born in Illinois, America, I currently call New Delhi, India home.”


Jagjot Singh

“I ventured on the path of self-discovery, a couple of years back as a spiritual seeker but found something vastly more valuable – the peace of simply being that is our true nature. Ever since, I have been sharing the message of peace with others intending to simplify their life. The non-dual awareness initiated an inquiry that began dissolving the sense of separate existence and the unity experienced brought unconditional love and compassion for humanity.

There has been a complete surrender to the unaltered and unpredictable flow of life and peace has been the natural outcome of that acceptance. Living in New Delhi, India, I have dedicated my life to spreading the message of peace and harmony in daily living. That is not to be acquired through hardened practices and dogmas but through simplistic and spontaneous living where the whole approach to realizing Oneness is the recognition of one’s own natural (Sahaj) state of being.”


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